Startup World Cup Championships 2021

Startup World Cup Championships kicks off on July 1st online!

Is the main world’s annual event for young entrepreneurs, which brings together national elites from different countries of the world to get acquainted, communicate and determine the best startups of the year.

The Only Real Strategy If You Want To Be A Successful Entrepreneur

Let me paint a picture. An author kills himself to write a book, throws everything he has into marketing it, and then, in a conversation with another, much more successful author, asks: "What else should I do?How can I make sure my book keeps selling?"

It is at this juncture - reached by many an author over the years - that this well-meaning creator is given one of the most frustrating pieces of advice ever designed: The best marketing you can do for your book is to start writing the next one.



Ken Robinson. Changing Education Paradigms

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